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Master the Singing Bowls

Master the Singing Bowls – a 2-day Foundation Course

  • Ended
  • 2.600 danske kroner
  • T-yoga studio

Service Description

We offer Tibetan Singing Bowls training that will give you a solid foundation for working with singing bowls. The course is focused on how sound and vibrations effect the body and mind – and how you can bring sound and transformation into your own and other people’s lives. You will learn to master the singing bowls in a confident and professional way, and you will be taught how to create beautiful spiritual and therapeutic sessions, where the Sound you can offer will stimulate personal transformation and personal growth. After the course you will be able to: - Make self-treatment by using the singing bowls on yourself (activate energy flow, grounding yourself, and make emotional relief) - Offer individual treatments with both 1, 3 and 5 singing bowls - Create a healing space with vibrations for group sessions The course is made for both you who have experience with singing bowls, and for you who is new. There are no specific requirements to attend the course. About Tibetan Singing Bowls and their power The power of sound healing by using Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound, and it can alter our consciousness for positive transformation. The Tibetan singing bowls are wonderful instruments made of an alloy of metals – and they have been used for sound healing and sound therapy for centuries. When they are active (clinging) they produce a rich variety of harmonics and vibrations that stimulate us on a physical (relaxes the muscles, increases bowel movement, etc.), energetic (increases our vital energy, harmonizes our personal resonance, etc.) and mental level ( induces us to a meditative state, opens emotional blocks, etc.). Their vibrations will both reach the body at the cellular level as a way to ease pain, and also, they will open our energetic body to healing and regeneration so that we can regain balance and harmony. About the course – program - 1st day – striking and rimming singing bowls, 3 bowls massage technique, creating the space for a group healing. - 2nd day – 5 bowls massage technique, understand and listen how sound change when it meets imbalances in our bodies, self-healing sound therapy techniques for grounding and relief. The course is 75 % practice. You will learn the theory, and we will work practically with all learnings during the course. Anyone can join this course, and no prerequisites are required.

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SALIG - yoga og velvære, Masnedøgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

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