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About Aiste Venskune

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Our approach

Vita de Lux brings possibilities to open-minded people and companies who want to get to know themselves better.


It is a place where sound, vibrations and your emotional state are the most important elements.

It’s a place where knowledge about sound therapy is shared.

Through individual sessions and events we try to create a space, where people can find what they need – relaxation, relief, personal growth, safe space, like-minded people or deep spiritual experiences.


The story

Aiste Venskune is a psychologist, sound therapist, art therapist, life coach and reiki master. Currently, she is on her way to becoming a certified hypnotherapist.

In 2007, Aiste first became interested in sound therapy when she started attending gong baths regularly to find balance during her graduate programme in Psychology at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania.
In 2013, her interest deepened when she had the opportunity to explore the effect of a variety of therapeutic instruments at a retreat centre close to Vilnius. Shortly after, Aiste began her training with one of the leading Lithuanian sound therapists Raimondas Binkauskas who taught her to apply singing bowls for healing purposes. Since then, she has trained and played alongside with all heavyweights in the sound therapy community, among them Alicija Eiliakas, Aidan McIntyre and Don Conreaux.


Today Aiste has held more than 1000+ sound therapy events with Gongs, and certified more than 30+ people through the Sound Practitioner course. On a daily basis Aiste brings healing energy and sound vibrations to her surrounding.

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