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It is a Magical box with instruments, which represent 5 main elements – space, water, fire, air and earth.

Great for people who are unable to just sit and meditate as time with the Kit - is an active meditation.

It’s simple and does not require any prior experience.


What is in the box and why?

Singing bowl to activate Earth element by giving strokes

Singing bowl to create Space by rimming

Fairy Stick to activate Fire element

Seed Rattle for Water and Fire elements

Koshi Chime to bring some light with Air element


By combining the Kit and online consultation (one session is free) you can learn how to heal yourself, release what is not serving you by using this Kit approximately 20 min per day.


It’s so easy to feel grounded, relax and in balance through sound healing.


Sound Therapy Self-healing Kit

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  • Discover how to release stress, bring emotional balance and harmony into your life now


    Learn sound healing techniques you can use at home to bring balance in just 20 minutes.


    With your own Self-Healing Sound Therapy Kit and Online Counselling session (included) with A.Venskune


    Do you ever feel

    • Stressed at work or home
    • Tired all the time
    • Lack of joy and motivation


    And you feel like you can’t

    • Fully relax
    • Focus or be productive
    • Find stillness or peace
    • Sleep properly


    Imagine you came home after a really hard long day.

    On the way home something happened that made you feel so angry and frustrated.

    You feel sad and out of balance.

    You know you have things that need to get done at home but what to do with these emotions?

    You don’t want to ruin your evening.

    Let me show you what to do.


    Or another common experience of my clients


    Imagine your day has come and gone and you didn’t get the things done that you wanted to

    You feel annoyed and disappointed with yourself

    You feel so tired and overwhelmed no matter what is going on

    Your energy level is close to zero nearly all the time

    You don’t want to live your life like this

    Let me show you what is possible to do.


    With Sound Therapy Kit You can help yourself to feel Much Better!


    What You Will Learn


    Learn how to understand yourself using ancient sound techniques adapted for your modern life

    Experience how to use different vibrations and frequencies to move emotions out from your physical body and mind.

    Create harmony and balance


    Sound Therapy Basics

    Use a simple map to show you exactly how to use your sound tools

    Gain knowledge what vibration and frequencies do to your body and mind

    Use this knowledge to fulfill your body with harmonized vibrations, what means harmony and peace inside your mind and body.

    It’s simple. Doesn’t requires any experiences. Everyone can do that.


    Five Elements

    Five Elements in your physical body

    Use simple chart to understand which element you are lack of or which is too active

    Understand how your emotional and physical state is connected with balance of elements in your body.



    How Does This Work

    Spend every day 20 min with Self-healing Kit.

    Use sequences, which you will learn before week starts.


    What is in the box and why?

    Singing bowl to activate Earth element by giving strokes

    Singing bowl to create Space by rimming

    Fairy Stick to activate Fire element

    Seed Rattle for Water and Fire elements

    Koshi Chime to bring some light with Air element


    Order your sound healing toolkit and join free online counselling session where I will help to create program you need

      Get your self-healing Sound Therapy Kit HERE. 

    I support you and answer all of your questions through 1.5 free online session (included in the Kit price).


    Online classes via ZOOM/messenger/Whatssap. 


    About facilitator

    Aiste Venskune is an open minded psychologist, sound therapist, art therapist, life coach and reiki master. Currently, she is on her way to becoming a certified hypnotherapist.

    In 2007, Aiste first became interested in sound therapy when she started attending gong baths regularly to find balance during her graduate programme in Psychology at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania.

    In 2013, her interest deepened when she had the opportunity to explore the effect of a variety of therapeutic instruments at a retreat centre close to Vilnius. Shortly after, Aiste began her training with one of the leading Lithuanian sound therapists Raimondas Binkauskas who taught her to apply singing bowls for healing purposes. Since then, she has trained and played alongside with all heavyweights in the sound therapy community, among them Alicija Eiliakas, Aidan McIntyre and Don Conreaux.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t know how to play any instrument, can I manage to use a Kit?

    Any experience is needed, as any musician skills. It’s really simple techniques how to balance yourself by using 5 different instruments. You will gain basic skills in online counselling session or you can join whole program.


    Do I need to practice every day?

    It is same as with meditation, if you do it every day, at least 10 min, you can reach better results.


    Can I buy Self-healing Kit without program and if I need can I join later?

    Yes, you can buy program and Kit separately, but as always, when you buy full package you save some money.

    You can buy Kit and explore buy yourself, and after, just join the classes.

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