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"Sound is the medicine of the future"
 - Edgar Cayce

Vita de Lux brings possibilities to open-minded people and companies who want to get to know themselves better.


It is a place where sound, vibrations and your emotional state are the most important elements.

It’s a place where knowledge about sound therapy is shared.

Through individual sessions and events we try to create a space, where people can find what they need – relaxation, relief, personal growth, safe space, like-minded people or deep spiritual experiences.

Our Approach


Sound healing clients

"II have been to 4 events and I really enjoyed all of them. The vibe is
so gentle, mindful and honest and I really feel and enjoy the sound
bath. Thank you"

 - N.N

"One of the most incredible experience I ever had.
Everybody should be given the opportunity to attend to a gong bath
session at least once in a lifetime.
Thanks Aiste for such a wonderful work."

 - P.B


Participants from Education:

Aiste patiently walked the class trough the basics of the singing bowls, gongs and a multitude of other therapeutic instruments. When we had the basics, she gently pushed us beyond our comfort zones, so that we could find our own voice and to stand independently. The STP course helped me tap into my healing abilities and personally was a true eye opener. No matter where you are in your personal development journey, I wound highly recommend this course.”

– A.M

— Name, Title

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